Stainless Steel Pipe (Fine Pipe) - "High Precision Inner Quality"

(Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yasushi Shimokawa; Securities Code: 5491) announces the development and commercialization of a ''high-precision inner surface'' small-diameter pipe (fine pipe) with an inner diameter of φ0.5mm. In line with the vision of the 11th Business Plan ''NIPPON KINZOKU 2030,'' this product will provide new value by solving the demand for high precision in the fields of measurement, analysis, and medical care with the keyword of ''Near Net Performance'' (= realizing the performance required by the final product with materials and components). We are committed to providing new value by resolving the demand for high precision in the fields of measurement, analysis, and medicine.
In January 2022, we developed a product with an inner surface roughness of Ra0.5μm or less for 400m coils up to φ0.75mm inner diameter, which has been highly evaluated by our customers for its performance. 

°ý Newsletter of Development and Commercialization of ''High Precision Inner Surface'' Small Diameter Pipes: 4d242c813c6268c9afac
We have also received strong requests from our customers for high-precision 0.5 mm size tubes with smaller inner diameters, and we have realized commercialization by further improving our current technology.

°ý Improvising Manufacturing & Establish New Manufacturing Method to achieve better quality
°ýThe manufacturing of high-precision inner surface pipes is performed by inserting a die into the inner diameter and then pultruding. When the inner diameter is smaller, even if a die is inserted, it is difficult to achieve high accuracy on the inner surface because the thickness changes during drawing and the behavior of the die in the pipe is not stable.
°ýThis time, we have further improved the processing conditions for the previously developed inner diameter of 0.75 mm, and established a new manufacturing method that provides a good inner surface even with an inner diameter of 0.5 mm.

°ýFor customers who require small-diameter thick-walled tubes with high-precision inner surfaces, this will lead to a reduction of inner surface treatments such as polishing or coating, which will contribute to resource saving as well as cost reduction.

°ý Outline of ''High Precision Inner Surface'' Small Diameter Tubes
1. Features 
a. Improvised Inner Surface roughness process compared with conventional process (Appendix 1). 
b. The inner surface has a good shape close to a perfect circle (Appendix 2).
c. The quality in the longitudinal direction is also stable, and there is no change in quality even for 400m coil is evaluated from the tip to the end every 100m (Appendix 3).

2. Available Steel Grades and Sizes
Steel grade: Austenitic stainless steel
                    (SUS316L, SUS304, etc.)
Outer diameter: 1/32'' (Ø0.79mm) to
                          1/16'' (
Inner diameter: 0.50mm to 1.25mm dia. 
Product form: Coil or straight pipe
Please send us enquire for lengths longer than this.
We have received inquiries from measuring instruments and medical devices manufacture in Japan and overseas that requires precise and smooth flow control for small-diameter tubes with high-precision inner surfaces. We are providing samples test and considering mass production. In response to requests from our customers for even higher precision, we will continue to evolve our technology on improving the inner surface precision, and will continue to develop products that meet these demands and look ahead to the future.

[Precision Pipe (Fine pipe) product overview]
Fine pipes are manufactured with the optimum quality (inner surface roughness, roundness, straightness, dimension accuracy, etc.) accordingly to the intended use.

[Gifu Factory Information]
Main production items: stainless steel precision tubes, specially alloy pipes, stainless steel coated optical fibers

Published : 21-Aug-2023

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