Black Stainless Steel (Fine Black)

Nippon Kinzoku Co., Ltd. (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Yasushi Shimokawa) announces black decorative(colour) stainless steel named as “Fine Black” finish (hereinafter referred to as “FB” finish) which features a metallic feel & deep black that utilizing stainless steel colouring technology. Currently, being used on “F-SPORT” the highest grade of “LEXUS NX” and “OFFROAD” model of “LEXUS LX” of Toyota Motor Corporation as exterior molding. As the developing & diversification design for automotive exterior molding, market demand & growing need for black stainless steel to achieve the sporty & elegance exterior appearance. Nippon Kinzoku featured Fine Black [FB] finishing, a black coloured stainless steel finish with metallic characteristic that cannot be expressed with either painting or taping methods. In line with the vision of the 11th Business Plan ''NIPPON KINZOKU 2030'' (to contribute to the future of people and the earth by achieving the performance required of final products through materials by rolling and composite forming of a wide variety of materials), Launch of Fine Black is an expansion of products with enhanced functions and increased competitiveness by deepening existing technologies.
The “FB” finish was developed in collaboration with Toyo Institute of Physical & Chemical Research, Inc.
Reference ''M-FB'' Finish Press Release. New ''matte'' (matte finish) version of ''Fine Black'' metallic black
    decorated stainless steel has been developed
1. “FB” finish has a very thin transparent oxide film on the surface of stainless steel. This is done by using the INCO method, a typical stainless steel coloring technique that generates a very thin transparent oxide film on the surface of stainless steel, and colors it by the interference phenomenon of light between two surfaces (surface of oxide film & between the metal & oxide film`.
2. By establishing rolling and surface treatment process and conditions that allow on achieving optimum surface coloring and overcome colour spots, which had been a problem with the INCO method on obtaining a stable metallic and deep black. Special decorative liquid and coloring conditions allow to stabilize the coloring and suppressing color spots issues.
3.  A new hard film treatment (hardening) is applied to improve physical properties such as sufficient weather resistance and abrasion resistance.
4.  FB'' finish can be continuously processed from coils (steel strip) in the same way as conventional metallic luster ''BA5'' and aluminum tone ''PW'' finishes. The processing dies for molding and pressing can also be shared with BA5 and PW finishes. Compared to decorating with painting or taping, the ''BA5'' and ''PW'' can be processed continuously from coils (steel strips).

[Product Outline]
1. ''FB'' (Fine Black) Finish Black decoration:
    metallic and deep
2. ''M-FB'' (Matte Fine Black) Finish Matte fine
    black decoration: A soothing black with both
    a metallic and matte finish
3. ''BA5'' Finish Brightness: Highest BA finish with
    even higher
brightness than BA finish.
4. ''PW'' (Pearly White) finish Aluminum tone
    (satin tone): Same color tone as aluminum is
    realized with stainless steel.

[Mass production specifications]
1. Japanese automobile manufacturers
    Steel grade : NK-430MA
    Finish: FB finish, M-FB finish
    Size: Thickness 0.3~0.5mm
    Width: 600mm or less

2. European & American automobile
    Steel grade: NK-436L-NB
    Finish: FB finish, M-FB finish
    Size: Thickness 0.3~0.5mm
    Width: 600mm or less

[Sales target]
   Sales target for ''FB'' and ''M-FB'' finishes:
   40 tons/month for both finishes combined

We are holding the world's top share of the cold-rolled stainless steel strip market for automotive exterior moldings, with a 95% share of the Japanese market (according to our own research). In addition to the ''FB'' finish, we do offer ''M-FB'' finish with soothing black with both metallic and matte finish, as well as the BA finish (surface finish by bright heat treatment after cold rolling) with a general metallic luster, the ''BA5'' finish with an even higher luster achieved by our proprietary technology, the ''PW'' finish with a calm aluminum-like finish (satin-like), and the ''PW'' finish with a calm aluminum-like texture. The ''PW'' finish, which achieves a satin finish, has been adopted by domestic and overseas automobile manufacturers.

[Future development]
FB'' finish will be adopted for new models to be mass-produced by Japanese automobile manufacturers in the future. We are already anticipating orders equivalent to our sales target, and are considering the introduction of new equipment in anticipation of its adoption by European and U.S. automakers in the future.

Published : 11-Aug-2023

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