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Deformed Steel (Lightweight & High Strength)

Light weight and high strength

Deformed rolling can improve strength and reduce weight. For example, performance is improved by deforming the properties and cross section of the metal, such as improving wear resistance using work hardening and reducing weight by thinning.

Apply to :

  • Grating member (high strength and light weight)
  • Held frame for air jet looms (higher strength)
  • AGT power supply rail (higher strength)
  • Special nut (higher strength)


  • High Strength
    Work hardening that occurs when processing metal materials is controlled by rearranging the deformed rolling process. Abrasion resistance and strength are improved.

  • Weight Saving
    By reducing the thickness of the part where the load is not applied, it is possible to reduce the weight while maintaining the strength.

Deformed Steel (Improvement in Productivity & Cost)

Productivity / Cost Improvement

Deformed steel realizes productivity and cost reduction. For example, parts that have been machined with irregularities are replaced with deformed steel. It improves productivity and cost by eliminating laborious processes such as rolling the parts to be polished to close to the product dimensions by irregular rolling and reducing cutting chips.

Apply to :

  • Needle bearings for the retainer (switching from pipe cutting)
  • Braille studs (switch from cutting)
  • Video equipment connector (switch from straightedge to coil)
  • Pump parts (switching from polishing)

Improvement Case

Switching from cutting and polishing
Productivity can be improved by changing the material to deformed steel. For example, by substituting deformed steel for parts that were cut after pressing or parts that had been made uneven by cutting, productivity and cost can be improved by omitting cutting.

Improves continuous processing and yield by changing the form of the material from the standard size to the coil
Costs can be improved by changing the form of the material. For example, by changing the form from a standard size product to a coil winding and making it continuous processing, the setup and loss that occurred for each one can be reduced, and the yield and productivity can be improved.

Improved workability and simplification of parts
Work efficiency can be improved by thinning the hole drilling area, and increasing the wall thickness of the insufficiently thick part leads to higher strength and simplification of parts.

Precision Tube (Lightweight & High Strength)

Light weight and high strength

Fine pipes have the highest level of pressure resistance and can be made lighter and stronger. For example, the pressure resistance performance can be improved with the same dimensions, or the pipe performance can be improved by reducing the weight by reducing the wall thickness while maintaining the pressure resistance performance.

Apply to :

  • High-pressure piping for automobiles (withstand voltage performance)
  • Analyzer (higher strength)
  • Pressure gauge (lightening)
  • Optical fiber (higher strength)
  • Medical equipment (higher strength)


  • Pressure resistance and durability that surpass seamless
    It has pressure resistance and durability that surpasses that of seamless pipes due to its excellent uneven thickness characteristics and unique welding technology.

  • Good plate thickness accuracy (uneven thickness characteristics)
    Since the high-precision coil material is formed and welded into a tubular shape by forming, the plate thickness accuracy is high = it has excellent uneven thickness characteristics.

  • Welded part has the same quality as the base material
    By properly combining the pipe making process (cold working and annealing), the quality of the welded part is infinitely equivalent to that of the base metal part, so there is no difference in strength and workability.

  • Welded full length guarantee
    The total length is guaranteed by measuring the temperature distribution of the welded part and inspecting for helium leaks.


A steel grade with improved strength and proof stress within the JIS component range of SUS304, it is the most suitable material for parts in high-pressure environments and environmental applications where you want to improve strength without changing the size.


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